kanav Gupta
1 min readAug 17, 2021


I recently attended Dynamic Programming Session

Key Learnings:

👉How Space and Time Complexity help us to write code in Dynamic Programming?

👉 Name the libraries (python) help in improving solutions in terms of space and time consumed by code?

👉 Give gist about Multi Stage decision process?

👉 How Dynamic Programming is realated to Principle of Optimality?

👉 What is Overlapping Substructure Problem?

👉 What is backward induction?

👉 How Dynamic Programming is different from Recursion and Memoization?

👉 What are pros and cons of
Memoization or Top-Down approach?

👉 Provide an example of Dynamic Program but without Recursion

👉 What are some pros and cons of Tabulation or Bottom-Up approach?

👉 What should you consider when choosing between Top-Down vs Bottom-Up solutions for the same problem?

👉 What is the difference between Divide and Conquer and Dynamic Programming Algorithms?

Thanks to Mr. Vimal Daga sir

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