Self Reflection

kanav Gupta
Jun 16, 2021


𝐇𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐨 Everyone,

I recently attended an Amazing Expert Session by Abhineet Saxena Aditya Kumar Soni Ashutosh Saxena Seema Saharan

Key Learnings:
👉 What is open source? How can you contribute easily
👉 Why the contribution is important for growth
👉 What is Gitlab? Difference between GitLab and GitHub
👉 Importance of Documentation
👉 Why DSA is important?
👉 How are K8S and Terraform used in the multi-cloud setup?
👉What is Argo CI/CD?
👉How we can connect Argo CI/CD with Kubernetes Cluster?
👉What is GitOps?
👉Where Kubelet program is located in the Kubernetes cluster?
Also, they shared their personal experience which is very helpful.

Thanks to Mr. Vimal Daga sir

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